Paper Recycling

At Parry & Evans, we pride ourselves on our thorough and effective paper recycling service. We have the expertise and equipment to grade, bale and store paper in order to be recycled at paper mills across the globe. Every tonne of paper we recycle together saves an average of 17 trees, securing a green future for generations to come.

Corporate and Private Sector Services

With an ever-increasing demand for environmental accountability, whilst maintaining cost effectiveness, Parry & Evans offers excellent value for bulk collections of baled and loose paper.

Our newly invested Tomra infra-red sorting systems can sort any paper material from office waste to white off-cuts, to newspapers and magazines. Additionally, with our varied fleet, we can cater to any and every need across the country.

To discuss a suitable paper recycling option for you, contact us today.

Community and Public Sector Recycling Services

We have a wide variety of paper banks across the country which benefit the community and local councils. These bins provide a useful income to villages and local fundraising charities with the help and co-operation of the local authority.

We supply pallet boxes, eurobins and skips according to your requirements and arrange a collection day suited to you; organising your recycling couldn’t be easier.

For regular collections and emptying of paper banks, contact us today.

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