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Parry & Evans started modestly in 1961 with Maurice Parry recycling hessian sacks, paper bags and baler twine. Joined by son-in-law, John “Jack” Evans, the local partnership quickly evolved, establishing the Parry & Evans name as we know it today.

Steve Evans, now Managing Director, became the second generation to join the recycling business in 1977. Guided by his expertise and knowledge, Parry & Evans moved to a larger recycling centre site on Severn Farm Industrial Estate in 1981, the site where its registered office still resides today. By its incorporation in 2008, Parry & Evans’ reputation had already grown substantially, paving the way for a brand-new recycling centre which opened at Deeside in 2010, increasing tonnage turnover threefold.

Steve’s sons, Lee and Jordan Evans, became the third impassioned generation to join the team after attaining Environmental Management degrees from Northampton University. Determined to signal its commitment to the highest quality of recycling standards and the training of staff, Parry & Evans has worked hard to achieve the industry standard recognition of ISO 9001 and undergoes vigorous annual audits to ensure all certifications are maintained. Parry & Evans ardently carries out its policy of continuous improvement and ethical standards across both the Welshpool and Deeside sites.

Today, Parry & Evans employs over 50 members of staff, operates more than 30 vehicles with over 200 skips deployed nationwide, processes over 3000 tonnes of material per week and continually invest in the best equipment to keep up with the high demand of waste disposal for recycling. Grades of materials recycled range from cardboard, plastic and office waste through to newspaper, pamphlets and best white grade one paper.

Now one of the premier recycling companies in the UK, this family-managed business has been successfully servicing over 1000 businesses across the length and breadth of the country for over five decades.

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