1. It’s good business practice to develop a corporate social responsibility strategy, as it can enhance your reputation and also save on your bottom line.
  2. One primary focus of a good CSR strategy is to focus on the impact your business has on the environment. By setting up a recycling scheme, your business can benefit from saving space and clutter. You will also increase your revenue returns through rebates on your collected waste. Most importantly, your employees and customers will appreciate the positive steps you’re making to protect the environment.
  3. You’ll need to think about the type of materials you’ll be recycling, from general office paper, mixed papers to shredded confidential paper waste. There’s also other recyclable materials to consider, such as cardboard, plastic packaging or redundant stock. When you start to evaluate the potential materials that can be recycled you may be surprised at how much waste your business is already producing.
  4. Find the right waste management company to handle your waste. When considering the right contractor, think about the type of materials you’ll be recycling and whether it’s a good match with the service on offer. Will your service provider be able to handle your volume of waste? Are collections free of charge and are containers included in the service?
  5. Ask your waste management provider to carry out a waste audit to establish the most efficient solutions that will save your business time and increase your revenue return. The audit will help you to get an action plan, that will bring your recycling scheme to life. You will discuss things like having the correct waste bins, or containers, and the frequency and access to your collections.
  6. A successful recycling scheme requires support from your staff. Ensure your employees are on board with your objectives and understand the benefits to your business and the environment.
  7. To increase the volume of waste recycled, it’s important that staff are clear on what materials can be recycled and where they should put them. Wrap.org.uk provide free downloadable bin stickers to help you visually sign post your containers.
  8. To help with staff participation Wrap.org.uk have a fantastic online library of downloadable, educational material, such as posters and leaflets for the workplace.
  9. It’s important to keep your employees interested and motivated in the success of your recycling scheme. You can do this by sharing your success stories; such as the volume of waste recycled and the positive impact this has made on the environment.
  10. Remember that your business has legal responsibilities under the ‘Duty of Care’. The term ‘Duty of Care’ refers to a law which requires businesses to store waste safely and securely and prevent it from causing pollution or harming anyone. It’s a legal requirement that your waste management contractor carries a Waste Carriers Licence and be authorised by the Environment Agency.
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